If you have a question about any of the files available to download through this website, or about the download or payment processes, you should be able to find answers here.

If you can't find the information you are looking for, please get in touch.

General Questions

How long do I have to download my file?

Once we have received your payment, you will automatically be logged in to our site to download your file. You will also be sent your login details so that you may login to the site at another time if you so wish.

Your download will be available immediately, and will remain available until you download it. There is no time limit for downloads. However, you may only download each file once (unless you become a 'Premium User'), so make sure that you save it in a safe place.

Payment & Subscriptions

How do I renew my subscription to

In most cases, when you first paid for your subscription to, your account was set up to automatically renew when your subscription comes to an end.

If, for whatever reason, your account is not automatically renewed (and you find that you can no longer login to the site), you should be able to re-purchase a subscription here.

How do I cancel my automatic subscription renewal?

If, for whatever reason, you decide that you no longer want to subscribe to our site, you may cancel it by contacting us.

Please note that we can only cancel subscriptions before their renewal date. You can find out when your account will be renewed on your 'My Account' page.

Why does the price show £ even when I have selected $ or €?

Don't worry, the price you pay will be the price in the currency you have selected. The correct currency symbol is shown and used on the Paypal checkout pages.

Wine Glass Markers

What should I print my wine glass markers on?

For the best results, we recommend printing the wine glass markers onto thick photo/gloss paper/card. Check your printer's manual to find out the maximum paper thickness it can handle.

Wine Tasting Notes

How can I store my wine tasting notes / cellar log?

Our wine tasting notes and cellar log are available in two sizes, A4 (US Letter) and A5 (US Half Letter). Once you print them out, you can punch holes in them and store them in a suitable ring binder. Alternatively, you could use a clipboard or simply staples.