Wine Glass Tags

Every party - a memorable event with our Wine Glass Tags

This download offers you a wide range (over 40 sets) of wine tag themes, to suit every occasion. Each printable sheet Set has twelve tags, giving you a choice of over 500 tags in total. Match and mismatch to guest personalities, use several sets for a large party.

Using wine glass tags (also known as wine charms or markers) makes parties more fun, starting conversations, loosing inhibitions, they get your guests talking and laughing. The role play tags especially get parties into high gear social mixing. On the practical side, tags can help to eliminate glass mix-ups, and reduce the number of new glasses needed.

A wide range of themes

From general party entertainment through to role play. Perfect for every occasion from Stag / Bachelorette- events to connoisseur dinner parties. The full range of themes includes:

Art (Modern & Classic); Erotica; Flowers; Halloween; Historical Heroes; Movie Stars (Male / Female); Nature; New Years; Pilgrimages; Pin-ups; Quotes; Shakespeare; Sippendales; Sippenettes Superheroes; and Wine.

Every theme is included within the download package, so you can pick and choose which ones to print.
Usage Instructions

Our wine downloads are easy to use. All you need to do is download the files, and then print it as many times as you like in order to use the wine glass markers.

Step 1: Download the Files

Once you have bought your download, you will be sent a link to an address where you can download the Wine Glass Marker files. Here, the full range of marker sets are available in PDF format. Most computers are able to read PDF files, but if you can't, you can download Adobe Reader for free.

Step 2: View and Print the Files

The wine glass markers are available in A4 size that also works to USA Letter size. Browse through the PDF files in order to find the markers you would like to use. Print each sheet as many times as you like. We recommend using thick photo card for best results (you may need to check your printer's manual to find out the maximum paper thickness it will accept).


Step 3: Separate the Tags

Once you have printed your tag sheets, you can start to cut them out. Follow the scissor marked lines to form each individual tag rectangle. Make sure that each tag has a coloured strip at the top, as this is used to attach the tags to your wine glasses. You should be left with twelve tags from each A4 sheet.


Step 4: Use "Glue Dots" to Stick Tag to Glass

"Glue Dots" are small double sided adhesives easily attached and removed - available from stationery stores in Europe and the USA. If you have Glue Dots available, use them to stick the tags to your glasses. If not, skip to Step 5 and continue.

Glue Dots

Step 5: Fold the Coloured Strip

Fold over the coloured strip at the top of each tag at the point where it joins the tag graphic. You should be left with a triangle showing on the tag graphic.


Step 6: Cut a Triangle/Diamond Shape

Follow the triangle marked on the print-out to form a diamond. Finally, cut a slit from the top of the coloured strip to the new diamond.


Step 7: Place on Glass

Use the slit to put the tag over the base of your wine glass. The stem of the glass should fit within the diamond shape you have just created.


Wine Glass Markers FAQs

1. What should I print my wine glass markers on?

For the best results, we recommend printing the wine glass markers onto thick photo/gloss paper/card. Check your printer's manual to find out the maximum paper thickness it can handle.

2. How long do I have to download my file?

Once we have received your payment, you will automatically be logged in to our site to download your file. You will also be sent your login details so that you may login to the site at another time if you so wish.

Your download will be available immediately, and will remain available until you download it. There is no time limit for downloads. However, you may only download each file once (unless you become a 'Premium User'), so make sure that you save it in a safe place.